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    Where too buy Editor- billion state power network Jia Peng Lei believes that all passengers have been doing user experience, where the customer is a brand , there will be products other than clothing on where the customer in the future.This is not talking about the Second World War swept the world , but by Jingdong Mall , Suning and Gome giant launched several major electricity supplier , and coerced hundreds of millions of Internet users in China e-commerce war.September 14th Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair , to provide a clear interpretation of this change in the situation .

    June 28 , the Group announced the sale of its retail group Red Cat (REDCATS) mail-order clothing retailer s music are special (LAREDOUTE).This innovation rate for those cash-strapped influx of women who have been in the excited state , "fast fashion" is designed to meet their economic problems.From the look on-line for three weeks , men s, women s sales have exceeded expectations , but also further boosted sales of footwear , if sales continue in the direction of a good friend , excellent purchase as soon as possible to achieve the transformation , over the shoes electricity supplier .Haining leather City currently has a leather designer 2000 more than to become the first industrial design bases in Zhejiang Province , to become leather trends released .

    Other electricity providers , including easy fast , Kuba , Dangdang have different levels of growth , only Lynx traffic fell 1%. Currently micro-channel common circle of friends can be divided into A cargo of luxury purses , super A cargo (or 1:1 ) and the original three categories, whether there are differences in the use of materials or workmanship ." He Yang Qing , vice president of the United States , starting on the 17th , Gome will be ongoing nationwide none other activities , both online and offline prices are better than Jingdong commodity prices.But vanity is just an important incentive , but not all.

    Discount Analysis, mainly due to the presence of the clothing companies in general are declining gross margin, boasting a market share over other issues .However, more than a year later, cross-border retail attempts, did not bring a commercial return , but the project appears Hangzhou operational difficulties." According to Bain and the Italian luxury goods trade body ALTAGAMMA report, the global luxury goods sales this year are expected to grow by 5 % to 212 billion , an increase of 13% last year , compared with 2010 growth of 8 %.

    Discount 2005 spring and summer mens attention to France and match fabrics" Either self or through a third party , footwear B2C user experience will be placed in the first place.European and American countries apparel , footwear and other processing companies eager to seize the Chinese market this root " straw .

    6 billion , assets basically flat with last year .Where a company has inherited the generations , there are more than 700 workers , and has been doing very special, just do OEM line of European luxury brands .For example, Samsung GALAXYS3 price is still 4,999 yuan . Discount "According to reports , GEOX brand name combines the Greek "GEO" ( giving the land on foot ) , and on behalf of "X" letter of technology, a symbol of technological innovation and bring out the comfort and health of its patented technology The breathable film mounted on a perforated plastic soles, can effectively discharge the hot air inside the shoe , but also to prevent the infiltration of water molecules outside , keep the feet dry and at the proper temperature inside .


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